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Younger Women's Breast Cancer Therapeutic Support Program

Women who are younger than 40 when breast cancer is diagnosed are likely to face different issues in treatment and follow-up than older women with the disease.  Concerns might include the effects of treatment on fertility, sexuality or body image.  Some younger women experience menopausal symptoms early because of treatment. 

Younger women also report a significant sense of isolation regarding their experience of breast cancer from other breast cancer patients and from their peers.  Young women with breast cancer may confront challenges to their fertility, sexual identity and to beliefs and expectations about their health and wellbeing at a time when their peers are establishing their careers, developing partnerships and building families.  

The younger women’s breast cancer therapeutic support group supports participants to share their experiences of breast cancer and to discuss particular issues of concern for them.  The group will build social support among members and address topics including relationships, support networks, sexuality, fertility, grief and loss, fear of recurrence, stress management and how to negotiate the  ‘new normal’ of life after breast cancer including returning to work. 

The group has a positive and optimistic focus that also allows space for some of the more difficult emotions women may feel in response to their experience with breast cancer. 

Participants are likely to experience increased social support, reduced anxiety and depression, to learn active coping skills, and to have reduced levels of stress and distress. 
Run by a qualified and experienced psychologist these groups have received consistently positive feedback from participants.

“I wasn’t sure that there was anything more that group therapy could offer me that I wasn’t getting from my very supportive family and friends. But I was wrong. I got to share and listen to women who understood what I was going through in a way others never could. I was surprised at the way the group lifted my spirits and how quickly I found friends I hope to keep in contact with for a long time to come.”

The group runs for eight weeks for two hours per group with a maximum of 10 participants.  You can self refer or be referred by your treatment team during or after treatment.  The groups are held at Mater Medical Centre, are generously funded by chicks in pink and are free of charge. 

For information on upcoming dates please view our program flyer.

Please contact Mater Private Breast Cancer Centre on 07 3163 1166 for further information. 

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