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Early Breast Cancer Therapeutic Support Program

The diagnosis of cancer often causes people to feel frightened and unprepared to deal with all cancer entails and all it might entail.  The physical and emotional aspects of cancer treatment can be arduous and tiring.   Everyday life is turned upside down, usual networks of family, work colleagues, and social circles are disrupted.  Family and friends often feel awkward and may be afraid for the person with cancer and for themselves.  

Emotional distress is experienced by at least 80% of women recently diagnosed with breast cancer and throughout initial treatment.  When treatment ends women often experience another spike in distress as their medical care reaches completion and they prepare to move on with life. 

The early breast cancer therapeutic support group is for any woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer in the last 18 months.   The group aims to support women to work through their experience of breast cancer.  The group builds social support among members and addresses topics including relationships, support networks, sexuality, fear of recurrence, stress management and how to negotiate the  ‘new normal’ of life after breast cancer including returning to work.  The group has a positive and optimistic focus that also allows space for some of the more difficult emotions women may feel in response to their experience with breast cancer. 

Participants are likely to experience increased social support, reduced anxiety and depression, to learn active coping skills, and to have reduced levels of stress and distress. 

Run by a qualified and experienced psychologist these groups have received consistently positive feedback from participants.

“I felt understood, supported and I don’t feel so alone.”

“It helped me to open up about how I was feeling.  I didn’t do that at home because I didn’t want to upset anyone there.”

“This group has been the most positive experience I have undertaken since commencing the breast cancer journey.”

The group runs for eight weeks for two hours per group with a maximum of 10 participants.  Patients can self refer or be referred by the treatment team during or after treatment.  The groups are held at Mater Medical Centre, are generously funded by Mater chicks in pink and are free of charge. 

For information on upcoming dates please view our program flyer.

Please contact Mater Private Breast Cancer Centre on 07 3163 1166 for further information.

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