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As the daughters, granddaughters, sisters, nieces, friends and supporters of women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer, Mater Chicks in Pink was formed years ago to provide tangible and immediate benefits to women with breast cancer cared for at Mater. Today, Mater Chicks in Pink supports breast cancer services at Mater Private Hospital Brisbane, Mater Private Hospital Redland, Mater Hospital Brisbane and Mater Research.

Mater Chicks in Pink is a program run by Mater Foundation which engages philanthropic and community support for Mater Health and Mater Research.

How you can make a difference

Did you know that 15 934 women in Australia were diagnosed with breast cancer in the past year alone?*

That’s 43 of our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends who today will hear the words “you have cancer.” It’s a figure that is as staggering as it is heartbreaking.

Fortunately, many of these women and their families will come to Mater Chicks in Pink to receive treatment and support.

By donating to Mater Chicks in Pink you can help these women focus on the moments that matter most, and alleviate some of the huge emotional and financial burden that comes with a breast cancer diagnosis.

Your generous support will help fund tangible support items—such as counselling and mastectomy bras—to make an immediate impact in the lives of women with breast cancer today; as well as promising research which will benefit the women who walk through Mater’s doors for breast cancer treatment tomorrow and in the future.

For more information, visit the Mater Chicks in Pink website.

*Source: Cancer Australia, 2016.

Become a corporate partner

We are committed to working with our corporate partners and their staff to develop meaningful, innovative, successful and sustainable partnerships.

Partnering with a distinctive brand such as Mater Chicks in Pink connects you and your company to an organisation that represents enormous community spirit and delivers tangible results. We would be delighted to discuss the wide range of opportunities available to partner with Mater Chicks in Pink.

To find out more about our current partners please visit the Mater Chicks in Pink website.

Become a volunteer

Volunteers really do make the world go round, especially in the case of Mater Chicks in Pink, so if you’re in a position to donate your time to support one of our events, or donate services or goods, we’d love to hear from you

Buy Mater Chicks in Pink merchandise

The Mater Chicks in Pink merchandise range is ‘feel good’ fashion for women of all ages and sizes. From signature t-shirts and polo shirts, caps and visors, water bottles, notebooks, candles, beach towels to socks—our merchandise promotes and supports breast cancer awareness. 100 per cent of profits are directed towards the care, support and treatment of breast cancer patients at Mater, as well as breast cancer research programs at Mater Research. For more information visit the Mater Chicks in Pink online shop.

For more information

Please contact the Mater Chicks in Pink team on 07 3163 8000 or email

Breast Cancer Support

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Show your support and help breast cancer patients by donating to chicks in pink.