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For patients

Multidisciplinary Team

Our dedicated and highly skilled team provide care, education and support for patients and their families to help them understand breast disorders throughout the continuum of care. Our goal is to achieve the best outcome for patients.

View a selection of Mater Private Breast Cancer Centre’s multidisciplinary team.

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Mater Private Breast Cancer Centre facilitates regular patient support programs for women at various stages throughout their breast cancer journey. 

For further information about breast cancer support programs or to register your attendance please contact Mater Private Breast Cancer Centre on 07 3163 1166.

Patient information

Mater Private Breast Cancer Centre is dedicated to delivering patients with up-to-date information on detection, treatment and prevention of breast cancer.

This information is provided with permission from National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre.

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Patient information DVDs

Breast Reconstruction: Is it for me?


Patient stories and information relating to Mater Private Breast Cancer Centre, Mater Foundation and chicks in pink.

Breast Cancer Support

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Show your support and help breast cancer patients by donating to chicks in pink.